Milky Way

Milky Way photography has become quite popular the last few years as modern digital cameras become more and more capable. In fact, digital cameras are able to see far more of the Milky Way than we can see with our own eyes. We naturally think of the stars existing in a blue sky since we see a blue sky during the day. The sky is not blue at night, but I have chosen to interpret it that way when post processing, as do may other photographers. Post processing Milky Way photos is the most intensive post processing I do. My current normal is to shoot 9 long exposures, stack them together and post process in Photoshop and Lightroom. This minimizes the digital noise that happens in low light photography. Although I did manage some Milky Way photography during 2020, COVID really put a damper on it. I hope to have a number of new images to post here in 2021, starting in the April/May timeframe.

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